Create Not Hate

They always say that you have you don’t get to do what you a actually want to do at the beginning of your career. But that wasn’t the case for me. In height of 2020’s BLM protests, I collaborated with Create Not Hate to produce a carnival inspired anti-racism fuelled by young people’s work.

London’s famous Notting Hill carnival started as a form of peaceful protest and celebration of Caribbean culture during the rampant racism of the 1960s.  Covid cancelled the carnival for 2020 but that didn’t mean a statement couldn’t be made. Carnival’s message had become more important than ever. With a classmate on my masters’ course I contacted ad agency Quiet Storm’s CEOs who founded Create Not Hate.  

Create Not Hate is an initiative to help marginalised inner-city young people to unlock their create potential. Together, we mentored kids to produce creative work with an anti-racism message showcased at the final event. I was honoured to perform my spoken word piece ‘How Many Of You Know Carnival?’ to open the event.